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Decorative Concrete

reliable decorative concrete services

While concrete may make you think of boring, colorless constructions, at Dallas Driveway and Concrete we’re here to show you how decorative concrete can be used to enhance your home.  Combining the durability of traditional concrete, with the design and colors that make your home stand our, our installations are the perfect marriage of form and function.  From custom concrete pavers to concrete stain that creates unique effects, our work is designed to be beautiful and durable, impressing those who visit your property.  And, with durable low maintenance features, our work is the smart and simple investment in your property’s future.

Concrete Pavers
Concrete pavers, also known as paving stones, are a type of material that are used to create unique designs, upgrading from more traditional concrete.  Our professionals concrete contractors use these materials on a wide range of projects, ranging from pathways to patios, creating unique designs that enhance the appearance of your property.  Artfully arranging these stones, that come in a variety of shapes and colors, we are able to create at tile like effect in your outdoor areas.  Aside from their visual appeal, these pavers also offer the durable and weather resistant qualities of concrete, while presenting a more creative design.

Concrete Stain
One of the newer developments in concrete installations is the use of concrete stain to create unique patterning and designs that enhance the overall look of a space.  Our concrete stain is done with high quality materials, with our professionals providing you with a custom design consultation that allows us to make your home or business unique.  From earth tones, to creating stone and marble like effects, we have the knowledge and tools to execute ideas of all types.  While providing the resistant durability of traditional concrete, our concrete stain is the best way to enhance your property with a design that reflects your sense of style.

Our Concrete Projects
One of the best features of decorative concrete is the versatility that it brings in creating outdoor areas.  We use top quality concrete pavers and stains, creating a wide range of options for our clients when it comes to finding products that reflect their personal taste.  From imitating natural stone, to stamped concrete and unique colors and textures, our work is designed to highlight the best features of your property.  Including areas from walkways to patios, driveways and pools, our combination of colors and materials ensure that your concrete work will fit in seamlessly with the design of your property.

There are number of reasons why our decorative concrete installations can be a great a great addition to your property’s design.  Not only can it be custom tailored to enhance the look of your home or business, but its durable qualities make it perfect for outdoor areas of all types.  Concrete also has the added benefit of being low maintenance, scratch resistant and waterproof, meaning that there will be minimal upkeep for you on a regular bass.  With our eco-friendly concrete services, you’ll see improvements to your property, with high quality construction that’s built to last.

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