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Concrete Repair & Refinishing

professional concrete repair and refinishing

Though concrete is one of the most durable materials you can use in outdoor constructions, after being subjected to the effects of weather and day to day use, you may experience the need for repairs and refinishing.  With repairs performed by Dallas Driveway and Concrete, your property will receive the professional attention that it requires to improve safety while increasing longevity.  Addressing a wide range of concrete problems, our services are designed to amend any issues, while ensuring that your concrete looks its best at all times.  Our professionals are here to help you in every way that we can, providing you with assistance with all of your concert needs.

Concrete Problems
Overtime concrete can experience a number of issues, whether stemming from improper construction or just deterioration over time.  No matter the problem, we are here to help correct it with our professional services.  Whether your initial installation was a bad mix, bad placement, or you experienced a bad pour from the start - we have the knowledge and tools to correct issues from their roots.  Our services are also designed to remove the signs of day to day use including weather damage, cracks and other surface issues.  With our affordable services not only will your concrete look better, but will experience an increased lifespan.

Concrete Repairs
When you need concrete repairs there’s no better team for the job than our team of professional concrete contractors.  We are here to amend issues of all types, whether you have small cracks that need to be filled, or you need assistance with recoloring and re-staining.  Handling physical and aesthetic issues with ease, our goal is to return your concrete installations back to their best appearance with workmanship that is built to last.  Correcting issues from the root of the problem to prevent its return, we also apply the necessary sealer that helps to protect it from future damages.

Concrete Refinishing
If your concrete is looking less than its best, our professional refinishing services might be the solution to your worn concrete problems.  Concrete refinishing, also known as resurfacing, is the process by which your existing concrete is cleaned, repaired and overlaid with a rejuvenated surface.  Our experts have years of experience managing the most common concrete problems with ease, targeting them from the root to ensure that the issues don’t return once our work is completed.  With our high quality refinishing, we return your surfaces to looking like new, while helping to improve the  curb value of your property.

Professional Care
The reason customers the area love working with us for concrete in Plano is because of the professionalism that we bring to all of our concrete care services.  Using our years of expertise in concrete care combined with professional tools and equipment we are able to manage repairs and refinishing projects of all types with fast and reliable service.  Saving our clients money on attempted do it yourself projects during which they need to rent pricey equipment, our experts not only perform top tier work, but the complete the project with minimal time of disruption to your property.

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